Freedom Australia Interior Decorator Service

Workshop + Lunch


  • Freedom Australia recently held a workshop for their new Freedom Interior Decorator Service at The Boathouse Shelly Beach, where decorators flew in from around Australia to spend the day celebrating, soaking up the waterfront views and sharing plenty of creative ideas.
  • The package selected was a full day conference package. This included a workshop in the morning, followed by a sit down lunch.  Guests entered The Boathouse via the garden boardwalk to the upper level of The Boathouse, where the space was set up theatre style with our long timber tables, and decorated with The Boathouse styling including beachside interiors and fresh flowers and plants.
  • Fresh bakery goods were offered on arrival, as well as our signature Single Origin barista coffee, traditional tea and Santa Vittoria sparkling water throughout the day.
  •  Guests enjoyed a share platter style lunch prepared exclusively by The Boathouse chefs, followed by an afternoon tea of bakery goods and fruit platters. 

Freedom event photography by Holly Graham

The Boathouse Shelly Beach 

1 Marine Parade, Manly NSW 2095